AskRomans is a freemium service for people wishing to spend a wonderful stay in Rome for business, study, tourism and leisure.

Tell us who you are, your interests and your passions and we'll tell you how to satisfy your every desire in Rome.


Why Ask Romans

No guide book, no other web service can compete with AskRomans, because we will let you enjoy the same places, the same premises and shops where we - the Romans - always go to have the very best at the best price and best experience.


How Ask Romans

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Who are the Romans

The Romans of AskRomans are people who live in Rome, love and know Rome very well: its places, people, things that really worth to know, try and enjoy in Rome.

Ask Romans collaborates with experts and big passionates of architecture, design, entertainment, food, nature, sportshopping and much more, that are wonderful to do in Rome and in Rome become absolutely exceptional.


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